22 February 2007

Welcome to 2007

This is a special welcome to public policy students - those returning from last year and those who are new to the programme.
Now that the academic year is beginning, please note that this blog site can serve a number of useful functions for us.
1. I will put occasional postings on here regarding topical matters in the news or in government websites so that you can think about their relevance to our course. I do sometimes get a bit opinionated on this blog, so don't quote these postings in your essays, please!
2. I will occasionally post information that comes to hand and that may be useful for your assignments - for example, interesting articles that may be in electronic format and that I can send you on request.
3. I will also leave general comments of interest to the class. This is especially useful for extramural studies (144724) but also for the internal course (144721) since there are times of the year when we do not meet for a long period.
4. You can leave comments or questions on the Comments link. This may get some online discussion happening. Please note that you can click on the Anonymous button if you do not wish to be identified.