14 January 2010

Auckland 'Super City' amalgamation

Students interested in the amalgamation of Auckland City can find lots of background information on line, so the following are the relevant websites:

The Royal Commission on Auckland Governance reported to government in March 2009, and their website includes lots of background research as well as their Report.

Not all of the Commission's recommendations were accepted by central government, while others were significantly changed; but the basic decisions made by Cabinet are available on line here. The most controversial aspect was the government's refusal to accept the Royal Commission's recommendation for special Maori elected representatives on the Council.

At the moment, the exact boundaries of the City and the electoral wards are not finalised. The Local Government Commission has the job of drafting boundaries and consulting with the public about this. You can see their consultation documents on boundaries here.

Meanwhile, the nitty-gritty tasks of organizing the transition from 8 Councils into 1 'Super City' Auckland Council are the responsibility of the Auckland Transition Agency, and you can view their work here.