19 April 2015

Be afraid...!

Fear is money, if you work in the security business. And drumming up business is as easy as saying 'boo!'
We are advised by an expert in security and 'extreme events' that, because NZ is a soft target for terrorists, and not at all immune to attacks, we need to harden up. Hardening up could mean that you go through metal detectors and bag-searches at malls and movie theatres, and that you get monitored more frequently than ever by CCTV, including facial-recognition software. This is the kind of thing we are used to at airports, so why not?
There must be a huge international business sector out there supplying expertise, personnel, software and hardware, and its growth opportunities must be looking good at the moment, given the salience of terrorism. New Zealand is clearly an immature market, ripe for expansion. All you have to do is remind the public of how vulnerable they are to a rare and unexpected attack, and they will accept the 'services' of this industry without complaint. Responsible retail businesses will invest in them as a part of their risk management practices. I'm sure that someone has already spotted that such security measures are necessitated by the health and safety law. I anticipate bag-checks on all my students at lecture-room doors. ('Please leave your hand guns at the door, and switch off your phones'). The sky's the limit.
Yes, of course a terrorist attack is possible here. In fact, we have already had one or two. So, we are not complacent.
Ironically, though, when the next attack happens, our leaders will tell us not to be afraid, but to go about our normal business, otherwise we let terror win. If you follow the precautionary advice of the academic spokesperson for the security business marketing departments, however, then you already have allowed the fear of terrorists to change the way you live. Don't forget that someone's making a buck out of your fears, though, so it's all for the good of the economy!


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